Ghent Area Ministry

Who We Serve


GAM serves by addressing the economic, social, and spiritual needs of:

  • People who are homeless

  • People with homeless prevention needs, with utility assisttance

  • People who have medical needs, with prescriptions, dental & vision access

  • People who are hungry, with Food Pantry

  • People who have clothing needs, with Coat Closet for men and women

  • People who have transportation needs, with HRT local and Greyhound tickets

Since October 31 2014, GAM assisted 4214 clients:


  • Helped 190 households with utilities
  • Provided financial assistance for 352 prescriptions for 126 clients
  • Provided assistance for 3 clients to get dental treatment
  • Provided assistance for 3 clients to meet vision/glasses needs
  • Gave 102 food bags and 105 bag lunches to feed 256 people
  • Provided 53 clients with bus tickets for local transportation
  • Assisted 4 clients via Greyhound- "Homeward Bound"
  • Clothed 540 clients, both men and women (54/mo. average)
  • Provided 186 hygiene kits to clients
  • Assisted 10 clients obtain photo IDs - both DMV and temporary

GAM is pleased to announce the following grant awards for 2014:


1. Sentara Health Foundation = $9,800.00:

In order to better serve the clients needing prescriptions (with no insurance, under-insured, low-income, between programs), critical dental care, and eyeglasses Ghent Area Ministry was again awarded funding through the Community Grant program of the Sentara Health Foundation for 2014.


2. Ronald McDonald House Charities = $10,000.00

Ghent Area Ministry received from Ronald McDonald House Charities, local and national organizations, a $10,000.00 grant for our Crisis Utility program which serves family households in Norfolk to prevent utility service disconnection or to restore services. RMHC has a large focus on helping children facing difficult situations which is addressed in the GAM Crisis Utility program.


3. Fuel & Hunger - Catholic Diocese of Richmond = $2,500.00

Ghent Area Ministry was again awarded grant funds to assist families and individuals in Norfolk with utilities and rental during FY2014.